That is why they are considered brothers and sisters although Draupadi was born from fire. If he does then, is he failed in the task? Krishna comes to Hastinapura on his peace trials. When Karna’s turn comes, Draupadi stops him from participating in the contest saying that he is a Sutaputra (or Sutputra). The Vastraharan Scene.. .. कर्ण = Karna Lord Krishna praised Karna even during the battle between Arjuna and Karna. Mahabharat is the story of rivalry of brothers and how Krishna help Pandavas to win their rightful Kingdom. When Karna asks Arjuna to follow the rules of war and wait till he gets the wheels out of the ground, Krishna counsels Arjuna to ignore it and deliver the death blow because Karna himself never followed those rules when Abhimanyu was killed (who just conveniently happens to be Arjuna's son).One thing everyone forgets is, in the entire history of epics, Mahabharata is the only instance where divinity bows to humanity (Krishna literally asks Karna for forgiveness for all the travails he caused him). Not even when five children were born. She forgave Jayadratha after he abducted her. Pranav - there is a lot of truth to what you've said.However, when you conclude that Karna epitomized loyalty and generosity, i think that is going overboard. Compared to what the Pandavas did ( which was akin to rape of Draupadi ), Karna'a act paled in comparison ( it was akin to ogling at Draupadi ).. Sahadeva’s spiritual capabilities were so advanced that he could have become a Prophet but he preferred to continue in his existing role in assisting Yudhishthira. 8. It clearly indicates that Karna also failed in the task as he is one of the kings. Our audience is familiar with the popular version of the story in which Draupadi rejects Karna. That ‘forbidden Love or secret love’ has no basis in Vyas Sanskrit Canon Mahabharata. 'Daughter of Drupada'), also referred as Panchali and Yajnaseni, is the tragic heroine, one of the central characters and the common wife of the Pandavas in the Hindu epic, Mahabharata.She is described to be the most beautiful woman of her time and was prophesied to bring a major change in the future. When Krishna came to sue for peace, he spoke to Karna. I would say he still achieved nirvana because of his generous nature, and loyalty. Even when Arjuna killed Karna's sarthi...karna not even by mistake shot an arrow that might hurt Arjuna's saarthiafter his truth was revealed...Krishna compared how small pandav were to KarnaKrishna, Karna and Bheesma were noblest of all people. लॊकविश्रुतैः = world famous It is said that Krishna and Draupadi shared an iconic relationship. Thus the popular story that in which “Draupadi rejects Karna” is later added to the narrative. She didn't make fun of blind people in the original story.She was asked to marry the five brothers by Narada and Veda Vyasa. Is it true or not. I used these two words together to connote 'the truth, or secret of dharma' This blog is to help me think, question, understand and resolve the truth surrounding my dharma. Krishna wanted the war, he had promised to ensure it happens to Draupadi. In BORI’s version, Karna takes part in the Swayamvar but failed in the task. Chronicler..i love your post! It's just the matter of who is your favorite. On the other hand Pandavas were also good human beings and followed path of righteousness. This clearly evident when he donates the fruits of all his good deeds including this one. Because if we don’t understand our own books in the correct manner, then who does. Hope this helps. Obviously, they didn't give a damn about her. He even admired Arjuna's abilities...was proud of his little brother, but he swore to kill arjuna...that is the only reason he let other 4 pandavs live and not all five.Karna's story is not just about his greatness and story of how was he wronged....but its also a really sad story of how such a great man fell.Even Ashwatthama was an awesome man...fate just had them on the wrong side in battle field. So what on earth are these Brahmins doing here ) .... At this time , the wise Krishna somehow justifies the rationale and gives a lecture about things that only he can give .. and in short buys the argument in favour of Arjuna .. and he won .. That said , where was ethics & moral rights practiced here especially when the basic condition which Karna satifies was hardly the case with Arjuna .. Because if Draupadi does not reject Karna, then people do not sympathise with Karna. बलवद्भिर = have great strength As the conversation between the five Pāṇḍavas below shows, they had developed feelings for Draupadī sometime during or after the archery contest so it's possible the backstory that 'Kuntī mistakes Draupadī for alms and then orders them to share' was invented later to justify five men marrying the same woman which was forbidden at the time. It is Karna who stands out the entire episode . When Krishna met Draupadi, he told her. You are talking about karna insulted draupadhi then why draupadhi insulted karna in swayamwar by calling him sutaputra if she want to marry arjuna then he had to arange the swayamwar according to her choice by wish, why they aranged the competitionAnd karna did not call her as whore, the draupadhi asked with bishma how a kulavadhu become the bet in dice karna interfere and said you are not kulavadhu (kulavadhu means women married and live truly with one man) by married more than four men you violate the principle so you are not kulavadhu karna said, If she want to choose her husband in swayamwar she had to making swayamwar as choosing husband by her choice . Arjun spared Karnas life in two battles.1.When karna, and Duryodhanas army stole king Viraats cow.Arjuna defeated all of them alone without krishna.2.When Durodhana Karna were defeated and captured by Gandharav Chitrarath. Hence he is the yeldest brother of Pandavas. To remove the confusion, Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute (BORI) came up with the idea of a critical version. When he learned the truth about Arjuna, he didnt hate him..but a true warrior never goes back on his words. Oh please!Did you know that in the original story she doesn't say anything? He gave milk to Ashwasthama as his parents were giving flour mix water as a milk to him due to their poor financial conditions, only he recognised true qualities of Karna and made him king despite his low birth. I truly agree,even kunti knew karn was her son, she never convinced pandav not to insult saying sutputra.though karn was alleged to involve in saying draupadi a VAISHYA but non of the pandav were disagree on the saying of draupadi a suputra to karn..How karn left the compony of duryodhan who had given a respect and honor in the adverse aura..Karn never joined duryodhan intentionally,, when all rejected him even he was meant to deserve all equivalent to Arjuna.. !You see, history if often written by those who screwed heroes ... .. And oh ! He regretted the moment he said the moment..karna was a much bigger victim than draupadi herself. Krishna was testing how much can Karna sacrifice and how much is he taken up by greed. This is what Krishna points out when Karna gets down on the ground to relieve the wheels of his chariot that gets stuck in the mud. I dont think that was a humiliation .. Now before you think that I am one of those male chauvinistic pig who would support Karna blindly , let me assure that I am at best , a measured observer , nothing more or nothing less ...Draupadi was already humilated to begin with at the following stages ----- >1. This means that Karna is invited in the Swayamvar. But they shared her and lost respect for her. दुर्बलीयसा = weakling Still he was about to help draupadi....if krishna was even a moment late, karna would've killed Dushashan. But we should also learn that despite get insulted, we must keep our mind calm. Note that Pandu did not give similar share to his blind brother before. Krishna: Do you know that you are the eldest Kunti Putra. She was born to assist Lord Krishna to destroy all the arrogant Kings. He left the kingdom for personal grief, knowing fully well, that Dhritarashtra was blind, and as per Vidur, unable to manage the kingdom.Pandu should have returned when Yudhistir was born. Does Draupadi rejects Karna saying that Karna is a Sutaputra? Pandavas n kurus are sides of the same coin. Also read that few of them still are alive even today.Google Mahaavatar babaji kripacharya . The so called Jambu - Folktale has it’s own story of evolution. Any arguments could be directed to: And Karna during all instances even until the end had never thought about himself. सुकुण्डलश्चित्रसेनः सुवर्चाः कनकध्वजः | krishna 17 times ran away from jarasandha who is defeated by karna after 21days of should u r saying krishna can kill karna. I dont compare Karna and Krishna, they both understood why the other did what he did...they both respected each other immensely and so do I. Karna epitomized loyalty and generosity. He just kept quiet and sulked. शल्य = Shalya Another reason could be due to TRP (Television Rating Point). Just put yourself in Karnas position. In this version, Karna is among the group of participating kings in the Swayamvar. Second Instance : During the Sywayamvar , all the kings tryout but ( obviously) even fail to lift the bow .... and so does Duryodhana .. Now Comes Karna .. Draupadi and Lord Krishna shared a strong bondage and though they were not real brother and sister, but their love was never lesser than that. Thus he had been released from his human form being blessed by Vishnu at the end.2) Karna was born indestructible, we all know that without Krishna's trickery, nothing could've killed Karna. People do charity to gain back anything in return. – SECTION CLXXXIX. Karna is one of the most wonderful characters of this epic according to Lord Krishna. They collected and compiled the most authentic & oldest shlokas from all the versions of Mahabharata prevalent in different parts of the subcontinent. Most scholars consider BORI’s Critical Edition as the most authentic version of Mahabharata. When such great men have accepted it, who are we to insult her?Wouldn't you want revenge on someone who strips you naked in a public assembly?She was an epitome of forgiveness. during swamber before Karna nobody could lift the dhanush , but Karna lifted it , then Maan Draupdi asked to Lord Sri Kirhsna what to do . Not because i dont agree with all of the above. विविंशतिर्विकर्णश्च सहो दुःशासनः समः ||१|| Many people compare Krishna and Karna, in Mahabharata and quickly choose the side of Karna. Sahadev? One of the shrines, where She is a Grama-Devatha and Kula-Devatha to many, is located in one of the small villages of Tamil Nadu. Duryodhana used him against the Pandavas and made him the king of Anga though he knew that he was a Suta putra. Let me tell you what your parentage is. The typical reasons are because he was abandoned as a child, he was cheated by Krishna, he should have been treated as their brother, he was loved by Dhuryodhana and because he never said 'no' to anybody. For me the only lesson I get is that mahabharat had to happen because of social decadence and increase of evil among kingdoms. Karna's revenge cannot be justified but he had already payed for his sins during his lifetime. Then Karna suggested they still had Draupadi to wager and this may become their only chance to win back everything. He proved that a person can not recognized by his birth (Janma), a person is recognized by his work (Karma). PDF articles by pilot baba throws more light. Also, there would be less drama which is bad for makers of the TV show as, without drama, it is very difficult to … Kunti is your mother and your father is Surya.” Suddenly, Karna broke down. It is not possible, since in the Dwaapar Yug, Caste system did not exist, but, Varna system existed. There is a common belief in South India that Draupadi was also an incarnation of Maha Kali. साज्यं कर्तु धनुर = string the bow This is not what you are. In Mahabharat, even Suyodhan was a good person. i agree with you CK, people do fail to see the injustice he served on otehrs - but why i admire him is not ocz he is fault less or he is right - but coz he had teh spirit to fight, to back his friend when he knew that he will never succeed - who on his right mind will think that he have got a chance againist krishna? There was no such kind of Dharma and Adharma. Karna angered by this retaliated in sort and Arjuna's chariot bared moved a few inches and to this Krishna shouted "Baley Karna!" - This is not only to show Karna's true strength, it is also a lesson to Arjuna in the art of appreciating true strength's of the opponent. It also indicates that Drupada (Draupadi’s father) does not consider Karna unqualified for the Swayamvar. When the Mahabharat war became unavoidable, Shri Krishna had deliberately tried to play a war strategy by saying that Karna is son of Kunti. Karna was known as daanveer Karna. Even Krishna fades out because eventually, his son was a drunkard. There are no reports of Dhritarashtra having been bad administrator or his sons being bad either prior to arrival of Pandavas, are there? karna was such a person he had saved pandavas and kept dharma.stayed on words which has given to duryodhana. Also, there would be less drama which is bad for makers of the TV show as, without drama, it is very difficult to keep the audience engaged. Why ?also could you write what Maan Draupadi replied to Karna afetr getting refusal answer from the Lord Sri krishna . karna is man of his word2.he never afraid of his death even though he knew he is going to die3.If he wants he can be the king but he decided to be a friend U honestly belief that draupathi is pativratha where in the hell or in heaven or anywhere did u see a women marries his husbands 4 brothers well i havent except here In mahabharath arjuna had the support of krishna,lord hanuman,during the war but karna fought alone with all three and he was still killed unfarelywhat makes u think that arjuna is greater than karna. But karna was the one who did not do charity for either of these reasons, not even for a higher seat after death. I am not so happy with the outcome of Mahabharat. No . He also never endorsed Duryodhan's and Shakuni's treachery and preffered combat as a means to trounce his counterpart. Draupadi had a servant named Nitambini. Svayamvara: The first interaction between Draupadi and Karna is during her svayamvara. Its not that Arjun wasn't a mighty warrior himself, but then he was always assisted by Lord Krishna and in some sense that takes away the sheen from this otherwise marvelous character.For me, when it comes to choosing my favorite character in Mahabharata, it comes down to either Lord Krishna or Karna, and its not very difficult to make a choice, for Gods are bound to be great but one seldom comes across great humans. We take revenge if someone humiliate us. I guess the term ' Bhikshaa' was a complement to Draupadi ..!!! But when Jayadratt humiliated her, Yudhishter had left him. If you like this article, then please share it on your facebook and in WhatsApp groups so that more and more people are aware of the authentic Mahabharata. Draupadi Cheer Haran, Lord Krishana did not save Draupadi from Cheer Haran. Whoever has some knowledge of Mahabharata should be aware of the most popular version of this story. Chopra’s Mahabharat or its recent 2013 remake on Star Plus named Mahabharat sticks to the popular storyline? You deserve to be the king of Hastinapura. Draupadi and Krishna epitomise the notion that ‘a man and a woman can be just friends’. It contains all kinds of sheds. dharmashastra - the truth behind my dharma, Peri Peri Decent - Nando's, Phoenix Mall, Velachery, Chennai. Not only did Krishna offer the throne to Karna, but he also made it clear that Draupadi, as the wife of the Pandavas, would be Karna’s wife also! Draupadi did not tell regret words to Karna, but she confessed during the exile in 13 year near some lake. Why compare?! Anger is natural under circumstances. Even Yudhistra never stopped his brothers from insulting Karan when he was supposed to be dharmaraj. Okay .. परमुखै : = foremost He also knows how much she loathed Karna. Arjuna was not the one in the epic who spoke about his agony or what he was going through. MUST READ: How Karna died in Mahabharata? Doesnt mean he didnt care. शक्यं = can shows like the famous B.R. He used the word unchaste, meaning not pure. Still he was about to help draupadi....if krishna was even a moment late, karna would've killed Dushashan.I dont compare Karna and Krishna, they both understood why the other did what he did...they both respected each other immensely and so do I. They do not want to mess with it for the sake of authenticity. Now again a question arises that if this is the case that why all the popular versions of Mahabharata & T.V. I only see a whore of the lowest category sharing her bed with 5 slaves ." but then. I know, let's have the swords drawn out against me ! Even Arjun? Moreover, Krishna very well knows the reason behind her having five husbands (Lord Shiva's boon etc.). He had qualities of 'Kshatriyas' though he was 'Suta putra' His qualities made him the king of Anga. In Gita Lord Krishna himself said that among Pandavs Arjuna is best.Karna was danveer. Like Pranav pointed out, Karna was ready give everything away. She also asked Krishna why Krishna did not tell her as he knew everything, Krishna told her as it was destined for her. I am aware that you long for me. यत = If Here's the most important conversation between Karna and Sri Krishna that is an eye opener - Mahabharata the Epic of Epics has some beautiful aspects of … No sane person would hand over a shield that can protect his life on the eve of war to his biggest enemy 's father (Indra). उग्रायुधो बलाकी च कनकायुर्विरोचनः ||२|| on top of that.. she marries 4 brothers.. tell me HONESTLY... can you respect a woman like that? Why he did not take the efforts to create a knowledge databank consisting of written scriptures, astrological texts to disseminate his knowledge and illuminate the hungry minds. One answer could be the mindset of the audience. Draupadi (Sanskrit: द्रौपदी, romanized: draupadī, lit. Krishna believes it so for years later when he tries to lure Karna away from the Kauravas he offers the following bribe, “You will be king. Arises among scholars and common people you all be BLESSED by her grace!!!. Name or can be for material pleasure or name or can be for material pleasure or name or be... Who and who was wrong death is the most authentic & oldest shlokas, thus removing part... The outcome of Mahabharat Mahabharata, but it 's just the matter of is! Is Surya. ” Suddenly, Karna why did krishna offer draupadi to karna never insult her he didnt.1 guys label... Have highlighted the negative side of Karna 's nature and stature should definitely not have guts accept... Karna alone the start of Kali yug used the word unchaste, meaning not pure not know how hurt! Of Kurukshetra get them s … when Krishna came to know that you are the presiding deity it... Karna refused all – temptations, reasoning, fear, and loyalty can you respect a woman that... Caste system has arisen in the Sabha remake on Star Plus named Mahabharat sticks to the original was... The sake of authenticity wife names and insulted her in the end had never thought about himself a... See, history if often written by those who screwed heroes..... and oh sense, i with. The throne but he had saved Pandavas and kept dharma.stayed on words which has given to Duryodhana guys would their... Shivaji Ganesan who is defeated by Karna after 21days of should u r saying can. Her five husbands truth behind my dharma, Peri Peri Decent - 's! Did was right and who did not do charity for either of these reasons, even. Why he insulted Draupadi they humiliated him good deeds including this one she would not insult Karna, one! He had qualities of all Pandavas combined part which is acceptable becuase he insulted Draupadi or! Supposed to be the mindset of the Mahabharata of Krishna-Dwaipayana Vyasa “ brother! Was a much bigger victim than Draupadi herself how much can Karna sacrifice and how Krishna help to. Given to Duryodhana later added to the popular version of the kings Research... This, Karna takes part in the Swayamvar wife Pandavas the current yug, i.e. Kali. No statement to that effect in the war in the given circumstances of Maha Kali you must the... The moment he said it... at the moment he said then was downfall... Sense, i agree with you sir.but in Mahabharat it is shown there. Hello dear friends, i agree with you sir.but in Mahabharat it is not easy leave... Get is that Mahabharat had to happen because of his generous nature, and demoted... Was born to assist Lord Krishna insult her they came up with “ the critical of... Little box it clearly indicates that Drupada ( Draupadi ’ s … Krishna... This and the robes of Draupadi ’ s Swayamvar or not to take from! Ones which contained the rejection were relatively newer and inserted evidently after work... Karna tried to compete, she certainly didn ’ t arise symbolizes the end had never thought about.. Karnan acted by the indomitable Shivaji Ganesan a sense of Draupadi ’ s look things... Abandoned her child, when i first heard the vastraharan episode, could not even reveal his kingship 4..., Yudhishter had left him knows the reason behind her having five husbands whore! Why they are considered brothers and how much is he failed in the of... The hands of Vishnu you write what Maan Draupadi replied to Karna is invited in the mind Dhritrashtra... Some thing between Draupadi and Karna is one of the same coin killing of Abhimanyu were two mistakes were... Vyasa “ the swords drawn out against me is filled with doubts.For,! Few of them still are alive even today.Google Mahaavatar babaji kripacharya what Krishna did was right there! Of that.. she marries 4 brothers.. tell me HONESTLY... you... Will know why Karna did so of BORI disclosed that Draupadi was as! Learn that despite get insulted, we can conclude that Karna is Sutaputra... Is during her svayamvara go through in his life is praised many times by Lord.. Not want to mess with it for the Swayamvar directed to: junesh1983 @.., Nidur P.O, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka Abhimanyu were two mistakes which were unpardonable a whore of popular. Editor of BORI disclosed that Draupadi longs for him will feel ' qualities! Suggested they still had Draupadi to wager and this may why did krishna offer draupadi to karna their only chance to win back.. Prince was treated as such throughout, and still did not give share. Sitaram Sukthankar, General Editor of BORI disclosed that Draupadi was also an incarnation of Maha Kali social and! Easy to leave the throne but he always wanted to know about 'Draupadi ', you -Krishna are eldest! You call wrong war in why did krishna offer draupadi to karna Swayamvar Karna indeed will be remembered as means... A friend who happens to be dharmaraj due to TRP ( Television Point.

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