Creating a Client App for Your On-Demand Delivery Platform

Creating a Client App for Your On-Demand Delivery Platform

Online food delivery, by Statista – Earnings for 2020 Estimated at US$122,739 million, has come at difficult times. 

The advantages and disadvantages of current business units for food ordering and delivery businesses. The primary three forms of on-demand online food delivery platforms are: logistics-focused platforms, dictate aggregators, and full-scale platforms. 

SensorTower research reveals logistics based food delivery programs are the most effective. The Logistics-based Uber Eats tops the list of meal delivery software.

Top 10 food delivery platforms downloads based on applications programs in February 2020
Top 10 food delivery platforms downloads based on applications programs in February 2020

Top 10 food delivery platforms downloads based on applications programs in February 2020 by SensorTower, just KFC Home Delivery, and Domino’s signify full-cycle delivery solutions. In this guide, we discuss what you want to construct a competitive logistics-based shipping program.

The most significant challenge typically faced by developers is the need to construct for various audiences — clients, drivers, and restaurants — because this sort of service involves three classes working together. Today, we will talk only customer-facing portion of a food shipping product.

The primary issue that arises now is: What are the most difficult features to apply for the customer-facing net and mobile program?

According to an investigation of those programs, we created an inventory of must-have characteristics a modern-day food ordering system can not survive without.

Menus and search on Delivery Platform

Aggregating restaurant info is among the critical characteristics of several food ordering systems. How do we provide access to all of the essential details regarding restaurants — addresses, menus, hours, etc. — so clients could place orders?

Utilizing third-party APIs

Fortunately for entrepreneurs who wish to establish a food delivery program, there are numerous proven alternatives like the GrubHub API.

Database of over 10,000 restaurants GrubHub API may be employed to recover menu info. Food ordering software also has GrubHub API that may also be utilized to transmit order info alongside payment particulars to associate restaurants. To access this API, programmers need to write right into the GrubHub team.

The Zomato API offers info about over 1.5 million restaurants around 10,000 cities all around the world. With the support of this API, customers may search for restaurants by cuisine, name, or place and find a listing of local restaurants with comprehensive information such as evaluation, location, and kitchen. The Zomato API is free to use for as much as 1000 API calls daily. For more asks, programmers must contact the Zomato team.

Foursquare’s Places API to join their clients with restaurant listings based on Postmates. If you don’t know about how Postmates functions, the program is incorporated with local research and discovery support Foursquare, which allows users to look for meals and view restaurant menus and costs. Postmates subsequently require an arrangement, sends into the restaurant, also carry a courier to pick it up.

Uber Eats: Food Delivery 

Establishing partnerships with restaurants

Not many restaurants are joyful about shipping with no approval, as recent information shows. Local companies complain of incorrect rates and confusion with orders, which slows deliveries. Consequently, restaurant owners insist on eliminating their restaurants from shipping programs.

To prevent such untoward situations, you need to set direct partnerships with restaurants. This is only one of the best methods: you will be certain the menus inside your user program are up-to-date and restaurants get requests right once they’re confirmed.

Consider rewards that will entice restaurants to associate with your food delivery company. As an example, you can provide restaurant owners a strong point of sale system.

Estimated delivery Period

It would be fantastic if you could offer your clients a notion of when their orders will arrive. Significant pizza giants like Pizza Hut, by way of instance, have already begun providing this attribute, because clients care in their time and set a premium on promptness and precision. Food delivery programs such as Postmates also let users precise delivery times.

You could be thinking about How is this possible? Machine learning algorithms take into consideration many things such as order quantity, delivery place, and accessibility of motorists to figure an arrangement’s exact arrival time.

For all those who are particularly interested in the subject, here is a pleasant guide describing how it functions. Additionally, you may read Postmates’ case study how they executed the Estimated Delivery Time attribute and test out how machine learning engineers in Uber Eats produced a version to forecast delivery times.


Nowadays, it might be challenging to locate a native program that does not offer in-app obligations: Domino’s, Starbucks, and Taco Bell all enable users to purchase and pay directly inside the application for smartphones. Your meals ordering platform should not be an exclusion.

You can incorporate Stripe or even Braintree to allow users to pay by charge card or debit card. You can also accept payments through PayPal or Visa Checkout, or you can use Square’s In-App Payments SDK. We advise that you provide as many payment options as possible to provide the most suitable customer experience.

Uber Wallet

GPS Monitoring

After Uber establish new criteria for on-demand delivery solutions, businesses which provide food delivery — such as Deliveroo, Postmates, and Doordash — began to adopt Uber-esque shipping monitoring technologies.

How do you incorporate GPS tracking in your delivery program alternative? To start with, you ought to ascertain an individual’s location. Based on the kind of apparatus you construct for, you may use CoreLocation frame (iOS) or Google’s Geolocation API (Android) to ascertain a general geographical region, just track down a user’s device, and track its movements.

After determining an individual’s location, the next step is to provide driving instructions, which is very helpful for both delivery drivers and clients. Should you build a program for iOS, then you’re probably use MapKit for instructions. For Android, you’ll need to use the Google Directions API.

The final component is to integrate mapping software into your app for customers. Just as Uber does, you can integrate Google Maps into both the iOS and Android versions of your app.

Google’s and Apple’s geolocation libraries are not the only alternatives for GPS monitoring, however. You might even utilize TomTom’s NavApp or even depend on the Waze Transfer SDK, which can be useful when you would like to construct for both internet and mobile. Mapbox is a fantastic choice to Google Maps to get a lesser cost.

The DoorDash Tracking API allows developers to easily embed order tracking functionality into their software solutions. 

DoorDash food ordering app
DoorDash food ordering app

Chat with couriers along with the help center

What can you do if a client is not able to pick the order up in the specified time? Or if a courier has problems bringing to the preferred location? For these instances, let users talk with couriers right in the client program. To make it possible, empower in-chat messaging performance. It is possible to discover how to do it directly within this informative article.

Additionally, include an in-app conversation with your aid center. In the event of a crisis, users require a response as fast as possible. They will be annoyed if they will need to hunt for contact information on your site or social networking.

That is the reason you need to embed customer service chat straight in your application.

Ratings, reviews, and tips

Postmates, DoorDash, Uber Eats, along with other food delivery businesses which collaborate with freelancer delivery motorists will need to be certain their contractors do not allow them down when it comes to providing timely support. How can they guarantee that the timeliness of professionalism and deliveries of couriers? With reviews and evaluations.

Rating drivers is not anything new for Uber-like services. This strategy makes it possible for businesses to curate their builders and keep only the most dependable. Services such as Postmates, Uber Eats, and Doordash allow users to speed drivers.

Users may also tip drivers whenever they are especially happy with the delivery. Nonetheless, these businesses state that tipping is discretionary. Most famous payment gateways offer leaning performance. As an example, it is possible to easily empower tilting with the support of Square and PayPal.

Doordash Rating

Contactless Shipping

Set new rules for food delivery companies.

This feature is simple to implement — only enable a contactless shipping checkbox from the client program and include a field where users may leave opinions on where to fall off the purchase.

For example, Deliveroo drivers are now able to leave an arrangement near an individual’s door. They then step back at one meter and await the client to come and gather their meals. Deliveroo has ceased accepting money. Domino’s Pizza also takes just cellular prepayment and pre-tipping to get rid of contact.


For $9.99 per month, DoorDash provides users with unlimited free meals shipping for orders starting from $15. After an individual has signed up, they can start looking for a checkmark to find restaurants accessible on DashPass.

Postmates includes a similar subscription service named Postmates Unlimited. For $9.99 per month or $99.99 a year, members get free delivery on requests from all retailers on the Postmates platform beginning at a minimum purchase size (which varies by location).

Uber Eats extends further, offering a 5% reduction for Eat members.

Uber Eats extends further, offering a 5% reduction for Eat members.
Uber Eats extends further, offering a 5% reduction for Eat members.

Lock Display widgets

You can even pamper your viewers with a few adorable iOS lock display widgets, which might be helpful if clients want information at a glance. Foodpanda’s lock display widget provides a listing of the most popular bargains in the area: Eat widget makes it possible for consumers to observe the condition of their requests. These are only some thoughts of what you could stuff your food shipping program widget with. You may always add a little more flavour.

Progress never ceases, and also the food shipping sector is changing quickly. To begin with, the industry shifted from telephone calls to online ordering. Shortly, we will see drones delivery, providing food rather than motorists. Food industry giants are continuously integrating new technology to delight their clients, and cellular and internet programs with unique attributes are being released almost daily.

Flying robot pizza deliveries are now a thing.
Flying robot pizza deliveries are now a thing.

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