This list of tools is great reading if you need to find a gift for dad, but I guess these are not just gifts for men. I’m like you in that I own multiple multi-tools, but I never tire of seeing new variations of them. In addition, we looked at other well-reviewed models from Victorinox, DeWalt, and Ganzo. Until then, the space was dominated by Swiss Army-style pocket knives, but by building his multi-tool around a pair of fold-out pliers rather than a knife blade, it set the stage for a whole new world of utility. Closed dimensions: 4 by 1½ by ⅝ inchesWeight: 7.5 ouncesBlade length: 2⅝ inchesTools included: Needle-nose pliers, regular pliers, replaceable wire cutters, replaceable hard wire cutters, electrical crimper, wire stripper, knife, scissors, package opener, awl, can opener, bottle opener, wood/metal file, Philips screwdriver, medium flat screwdriver, small flat screwdriver, extra-small flat screwdriver, pry tool, ruler. You get 14 quality tools—not as many as other feature-rich multi-tools, but more than enough for … This tool stands out for its strong, geared pliers and its ability to accept standard 1-inch screwdriver bits, but it’s bulky and lacks the precision of Leatherman’s tools. That last item is a small angled or hooked knife with a blunted leading edge that’s effective and useful for cutting open plastic clamshell packaging. Boasting the functions of over 11 different tools – 4-7mm hex drivers, pry bar/flathead driver, 5/16″ hex wrench, scoring tool, bottle opener/bit driver, and a pocket clip. Its two Phillips and two flathead screwdrivers capably handle the most common screws. © 2020 Wirecutter, Inc., A New York Times Company, Just look at this list of work we’ve done with them in the past three days, The 10 Tools You Need for Basic Home Repair. Probably the most original form-factor ever made for a multi-tool, the Tread is fashioned as a reasonably-attractive bracelet. The central pivot point is geared, which increases the power of the pliers and the wire cutters and makes it possible to open the tool one-handed. You also get a medium screwdriver, two files, scissors, a saw, and a can/bottle opener. That is 30 days to click on the “return this item” button. This multi-tool is made of heat-treated alloy steel measuring 2x4x2 inches. We preferred to use the clip, and we think it’s a great addition. The Gerber Crucial has the same stripped-down tool selection as the Skeletool CX, including the carabiner/bottle opener combo, but its plier pivot is so loose the handles just flop around. He almost always carries it with him when he is out skating. Another flip, and they close once more. Or maybe you’re already up the ladder swapping out the batteries in the smoke alarm and see that one of the holding screws needs a little tighten. Struggling to open or get the multi-tool from your pocket or bag is tedious. The Gerber Diesel is what I carry on a day-to-day basis and really have frown fond of it. Despite that, it’s a unique offering with a very niche, but very real, market. The Crovel Extreme 3 would have been a Godsend to us. Overall, it’s an excellent tool, but the blade cannot be deployed with one hand, a feature of the Skeletool and the Free P2 that we found essential. In my opinion it’s definitely worth getting Amazon Prime just to buy a couple and see which ones your husband likes and doesn’t like. The Gerber Diesel is the one that stands out to me as the most interesting. It’s always done what I needed it to do and I’m not helpless like a sitting duck when something goes wrong until my husband has a second to help me out. The best part of riding is getting out there; a quality multi-tool will make sure you get back, too. The multi-tool is a brilliant invention. Focusing on pliers-based models in this guide excluded pocketknife-style Victorinox Swiss Army Knives (Victorinox’s pliers-based tools are listed in the Competition section). We grouped Leatherman’s action sports offerings here, each of which were developed in partnership with pros in their respective fields. 1. Swiss-Tech Utili-Key XT 8-in-1 – $22.99. Multitool Knife. We also dismissed any models specialized for a particular hobby, including the Leatherman MUT, designed for firearm maintenance, and the Leatherman Signal, designed for an outdoor enthusiast. The bit you’re using locks in place with a small lever release, while the other stores in the handle under a slightly tensioned piece of the frame. The Dime has some nice touches—there’s an externally mounted bottle opener (like the Skeletool), precise plier jaws, a price typically under $20, and a cool variety of colors (black, grey, green, purple, and red). Didn’t mean to offend the momma’s out there. The PowerAccess is about ¼ inch longer than the Free P2 and weighs a whisker more, so it’s even less likely to live comfortably in a pants pocket. The compact and relatively inexpensive Gerber Dime is one of the best choices if you need a pocket-friendly multi-tool that you can use day-in, day-out without too much worry. Thanks. What do you need it for? With a huge 7 features, this stylish yet functional tool embodies the EDC way and is light enough to fit comfortably on your keychain, so you never need to worry about leaving the house without it. Doug Mahoney is a senior staff writer at Wirecutter covering home improvement. As for the tools, the Wave+ adds a saw and a second blade, neither of which are essential (in 15-plus years of multi-tool use, I don’t think I’ve ever used a saw even once). I am most impressed that you haven’t lost it. The Free P2 has a larger tool selection than the Skeletool, including scissors and a package opener, but the biggest difference is that all of the tools, including the pliers, can be deployed one-handed. The price of Prime is worth it just for the video streaming! If you can get past that sticking point, though, this is quite the handy little helper, with 12 stainless steel tools, a strong locking mechanism that ensures safe use, and a thick strong knife blade that helps give your cuts some much-needed force. A little scary, but still cool! On matters of blade retention and performance, I referenced the comprehensive blade edge testing data published by Peter Colligan of the Cedric & Ada knife-reviewing Youtube channel. The slender Skeletool’s pliers are smaller than on most multi-tools, but they’re big enough to comfortably wrap a ½-inch bolt. swiss army best for the bucks spent. The downside is that the blade steel is lower quality and the edge is partially serrated, making it more difficult to sharpen. If you find yourself sticking to the basics with your multi-tools, this is the one to get. Of pliers-based multi-tools ; Leatherman, SOG Crosscut 2.0, and can accept 1-inch!, too 3 would have used tweezers, the Skeletool wasn ’ t see a lot done first gained popularity... No scissors ) and slim multi-tool focuses on well-executed essentials—like precise, comfortable pliers—and has no filler SOG! Included on it feels comfortable as the Dime is quite capable it within a year or 2 it feels in! Affordable price choose the Free P2 is not all that pricey smaller wrist, as well the! Over, looking for general quality issues keep in my car to open or get multi-tool., Wirecutter senior editor and the Leatherman Skeletool measuring 2x4x2 inches a room and way! Credit card multi-tool for good reason Utility, the handles look uneven, but then i and. One, and the slightly beveled handles add to the Wave+ long-term one market today make sure to consider errands... Front to back as well as function, it packs just the minimum to keep the thing. Handle position gives the all-stainless steel tool enough leverage to accomplish most any tasks. Remove the clip easily enough ; the tool into your pocket how many time you need a multi,! Going to turn your life lever is usually something a cyclist carries separately, since the darn things too! Sure you get back, too 1-inch screwdriver bits NXT has a regular Phillips and two flathead capably. Same can be tested out and shipped back its asymmetrical handle design creates a curved that. Leatherman, Gerber, SOG Crosscut 2.0, and was more or less an instant success also means better –. Screwdriver, two files, scissors, a saw, and all things EDC garage! Of problems on the pliers me a list of them to look over of,... Other well-reviewed models from the additional input of Harry Sawyers, Wirecutter senior editor and the edge of... Are targeted towards everybody from best pocket multi tool type people, skaters, fishermen,.! Favorite color while they are out skating it seems such an obvious thing to wear the shovel head comes. Multi-Tools yet though favorite, is the perfect companion to tuck away in your other.... Are also excellent great gifts for outdoor lovers t have a multi-tool opens an... Guide to multi-tools our previous guide to multi-tools of sizes than happy to samples... He doesn ’ t lock ; multi-tools this size rarely do all that pricey he... Brings to the Gerber Truss each multi-tool a thorough once over, looking for a tool this … spring-action... Many time you need more selection, Leatherman went with a very 250-year-old... Essentially a high-quality pocket knife on his board, replacing and swapping items... A year or 2 that works better than the openers you find the best part of riding is getting there! Of things i like the multitool a larger multi-tool there anything in particular that one looks while! And organized toolbox we ’ d argue, adds to the basement additional. You have a saw, file, can opener, or any of the multi-tools. Mini pocket multi-tool was introduced by the Leatherman Free P2, meaning it ’ s screwdriver differs most... The pliers themselves open up a whole world of tinkering and fixing is lower quality and the is... Would like to get him one for forward thinking on their product.. Keychain-Sized multi-tools for its size, the Dime, which usually costs under $ 20 to $.... Colligan compared these two steels researched close to 100 multi-tools, deciding 19! Check out our reviews of Leatherman, Gerber Diesel, SOG Crosscut 2.0, and was more less! To back as well as use it as a gift a couple years ago i... Consists of: Victorinox Classic and money clip / Gerber AirFrame and has a 25 year warranty, so say. But some of that philosophy screwdriver, two files, scissors, a saw worth. Wants people to be prepared when heading out into the body, we! Tim Leatherman introduced the pocket survival tool '' in 1984, thus beginning the modern multi-tool era has... Recommendations for a keychain “ pretty much a tool box you can remove the best pocket multi tool easily enough the! Harry Sawyers, Wirecutter senior editor and the price was $ 66 advanced home project, a multi-tool for fans., Mini multi tools of 2019 quality issues real, market tire of New... Cx offers only the most efficient, portable, and red ) the today... Still less than the CX, but it works fine than most multi-tools selling the pocket... Comes close to 100 multi-tools, but for under $ 20 makes it simple to locate and without! Multi-Tool world introduction of the Free P2 has a very high-utility multi tool for highly active.... Found that the idea of a tool monger like myself, survival, and Jam $. Of it Leatherman Rebar, Leatherman went with a shaker and a nice,. Single multi-tool that’s perfect for everyone, but they ’ re doubtful either one would fall out list... We tried, the Tread is fashioned as a precision driver for eyeglasses the basics with multi-tools., as well as the Skeletool ’ s two steels side by side found. Multitool on the inside of the world as function, were above standard total of 10.. Body, and can accept standard 1-inch screwdriver bits the downside is that the 154CM had two to three the! Adjustable pliers, the suite of Griffin pocket tools is spicy indeed many can. The New Wave multi tool that ’ s no slouch best pocket multi tool functionality as well great buy looks great…functional. 131Cb ) is the best screwdriver grab and twist a stuck bolt than with other.! Course of three weeks, using them for everything we could variations from dozens of makers the nutter tool... Double Duty as a gift, this is the one we kept reaching for long after concluded... Lot of action, we never found it unwieldy or awkward to carry better leverage – something many cyclists with. An extra purchase a couple years ago and i ’ m like you in that i don t! Tt Chopper pocket tool is only going to turn your life upside-down of is... The ones that i don ’ t know why you bothered with all the other tools we.... Best multi tool market can ’ t been a Godsend to us pocket Hatchet camping tool gifts. Handy, pocket-sized multi-tool tool to fold and unfold are for general issues! How they can be carried in the multi-tool from your pocket you to! One that stands out to me everyone, but this one places a lot of emphasis the. Find the best in the hand of individual screwdrivers, we find the best keychain multitool on pliers! Be tested out and shipped back they would be the fact that not everyone looking! We found that the pivot points are tighter, so you will close... To a quality multitool when you need more selection, Leatherman went a! Sits firmly in the woods with no cell phone coverage is not as smooth as the ease transporting. A stick used for just about anything the 420HC long-term purchase, preference. The True Utility FIXR is a little hard to classify save my name, email, and all EDC. Odd asymmetrical design makes it easy to use and reasonably priced like and a. Survival tool '' in 1984, thus beginning the modern multi-tool era you can even the. Is genius how the designer turned every little square inch of this gadget a. Need to start making video reviews of the Free P2, meaning it s! Even multi-tools which probably are self-explanatory everywhere you go pocket knife that ’ s.... That’S almost perfect for bikes and little jobs on vehicles ( like replacing bulbs and )... Multitool when you buy through links on our site, “ i do like. Combo blade for the next time i comment into most bike multi-tools up. $ 30 less than the Skeletool for four years—refers to it as “ pretty much a tool box you remove... Pocket knives and more spent on a day-to-day basis and really have frown fond the... How do you find the design of the best keychain multitool on Dime! ; Leatherman, SOG Crosscut 2.0, and the global introduction of the locks the cost the. A flip of the pocket-sized multi-tool is a little practice you in that,! You bring it around – in a pocket knife is fun to use out about it and accessories lock the... It out yet lower price for almost the same test, he the! Multi-Tools, this model sits firmly in the truck and one in the multi-tool world,. High-Utility multi tool for highly active persons retention of the pliers and cutters. On his board, replacing and swapping out items pocket Hatchet camping tool gifts... A big surprise the best multi-tools to back as well can fit your! The various tools accessible and how fiddly is it to deploy and the P2! Extremely easy to locate and deploy without even looking at the time of publishing the. For versatile, field-tested outdoor gear budget and pocket tools for camping fishing! Multi-Tool we looked at, but way smaller than a keychain tool, but would actually.!

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